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About Us

A new revelation in the world and culture of food, Our restaurant is a combination of modern-day cuisine with authentic oriental cookery making it the perfect setting for the perfect evening. Our main aim is to provide fresh, healthy and delightfully mouthwatering food with the best service one could ever ask for. Chinese dishes are the heart of our culinary identity and we continually strive to innovate and refine traditional flavors by seeking ideas and 
techniques from all around the world. We not only put tremendous effort into creating the most delicious dishes but also prepare each dish with a lot of love and care. With every unique gourmet dish we create, From dim sum and lobster sashimi to chicken and fish dishes, we serve a variety of delicacies steeped with delicious sauces and zesty spices which results in out of this world culinary delights. Apart from that, we also make equally delectable vegetarian dishes for our vegetarian foodies. From tofu to okra, we serve it all. 

Our contemporary interior reflects our vision. Upon entering our restaurant, you will instantly feel welcomed into our modern ambiance and laid-back atmosphere. We also cater special events and make them memories of a lifetime for you by serving the best customized dishes amongst the backdrop of a fun-filled and comfortable environment. 
Whether it's a small intimate affair or a dinner soiree for a large gathering, we will serve you a lavish spread of varied cuisines. Our mission is let all people enjoy the delight time with their families in 
our restaurant. 

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